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We imagine and realise the digital transformation

Business transformation has never been so fast, and it requires a medium to long term strategy: it is necessary to define priority, feasibility, realisation and evaluation of the return on investment.

Think digital

The first value we can offer our clients.

We project and build the digital future at their side, bringing original solutions within the company’s business process.

We help our clients to convey their development through new channels and languages, to introduce them to a global and competitive context.

We analyse the market’s development and requirement changes, providing insight and trends, comparing them with international dynamics.

An example is the Italian E-commerce monitoring, a report that each year looks at the evolution of online trade, through market surveys and the analysis of the main trends in the sector.

Our professional advice is supported by projects for the development of online presence and communication, with innovative programs and management consulting. This, through the application of exponential technologies and the evolution of their business model, allows companies to become smart companies.

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Our history

Casaleggio Associati was founded in Milan on the 22nd of January 2004. It was founded with the intent of analysing what was then called “the web phenomenon” applied to enterprises, with the aim of developing a Web Culture in Italy.

“The company needs to be interested in the shared values community model, to share long term objectives and to have its own ideology.”
Gianroberto Casaleggio

Gianroberto Casaleggio

Gianroberto Casaleggio was a manager, researcher, strategist and online dynamics expert.

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From the very beginning, the company’s goal has been to anticipate the trends of the digital scenario and to understand the changes and opportunities in the organisational, cultural and political sectors.
With this in mind, we create our reports and in-depth research on the topics of digital innovation and the evolution of the electronic market in Italy. They offer specific information on the digital development of various market sectors in Italy and in the world, and allow companies to evaluate the context in which they operate, based on successful cases and on the knowledge of real implementation paths.

In 2012 the Casaleggio Associati Editore internal section was created. It contributed to the spread of the digital culture through publications, reports and in-depth analysis, seminars, articles and videos such as “Prometeus – The media revolution” e “Gaia – The future of polytics”, an experimental video on the theories of a future political scenario where the web plays a fundamental role.

In 2005 Casaleggio Associati takes over the management of Beppe Grillo’s blog, taking part in the online world’s favourite union and development dynamics, leading to the foundation and political journey of Movimento 5 Stelle.

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Casaleggio Associati Logo, 2004
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Casaleggio Associati Logo, 2020

Today, the specific analysis skills and the long-standing experience in various market fields make us a solid and reliable partner for companies who want to renovate their internal business model.


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