Davide Casaleggio

CEO & Partner

Davide Casaleggio is CEO and partner of Casaleggio Associati and president and founder of the Rousseau Association, and founder of the Camelot project, the platform for democratic participation.
Passionate about chess since he was a child, after graduating in Bocconi in economics with a specialization in E-Business, he devoted himself to teaching, to the publication of books dedicated to the web and to collaborations with internet consultancy companies. In 2004 he joined Casaleggio Associati and became president in 2016 after the death of his father Gianroberto.
He is specialized in strategic consultancy for digital innovation, in the definition of online business models and in research in the field of exponential technologies.

He has developed sectoral researches and he constantly holds lectures and seminars. In particular, he deals with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and issues related to the fourth industrial revolution in relation to the effects on the economy.

He is the curator of E-commerce research in Italy and author of the books “E-business models” and “You are Net”.

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