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Gianroberto Casaleggio (August 14, 1954 – April 12, 2016) was a scholar and strategist of the Internet, expert of web dynamics, e-business models and web marketing.

He began his professional career as a software designer in the Research and Development department of Olivetti in operating systems. In 1985 assumes the role of Managing Director and later CEO for Logicasiel, a subsidiary of Logica Plc and Finsiel, where he remained until 1999.

From 2000 to 2003 he was appointed CEO of Webegg SpA: a “consultancy multidisciplinary group for companies and public administrations, which aims to position companies on the Net”, owned also by by Olivetti and Telecom Italia. He has covered the role of a director of the company in: Olivetti Tecnost, Lottomatica, Banksiel, Earchimede, TeleAp, Software Factory, Domus Academy, Garage, Netikos, INVA (Region Aosta Valley).

In 2004 he founded Casaleggio Associati, and since 2005 has been editor of the blog of Beppe Grillo which is dedicated to the project of the 5 Star MoVement, unique political phenomenon founded and developed through the Internet.

Until 2010 he was in charge of Antonio Di Pietro’s blog and Chiarelettere publisher’s site.

He is the author of “Il web è morto, viva il web” (Pro Sources), “Movie Bullets” (IlSole24ore), “WebDixit” (IlSole24ore), “Web Ergo Sum” (Sperling), “Insultatemi” (Adagio ebooks) and articles on the Internet for the newspapers Milano Finanza and Italy Oggi and the monthly Web Marketing Tools. Along with Dario Fo and Beppe Grillo he wrote “Il Grillo canta sempre al tramonto – Dialogo sull’Italia”.

The book “Gianroberto Casaleggio: Il suo pensiero in aforismi“ was published after his passing.

Understand the future

Gianroberto was constantly studying the future and was particularly interested in the ability of imagining scenarios, anticipating new trends and shaping future realities.

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