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Are you interested in becoming sponsor of one of the next conferences?

The events “E-COMMERCE IN ITALY” and  “THE DIGITAL FUTURE OF BUSINESS BETWEEN COMPANIES” offer many sponsorship opportunities. It’s possible to create customized sponsor packages to fit your needs and budget.

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Why become sponsor

  • The conference E-COMMERCE IN ITALY and THE DIGITAL FUTURE OF BUSINESS BETWEEN COMPANIES are an important occasion for meeting, networking and update for e-commerce operators and companies interested to learn about the opportunities offered by internet and digital services.
  • Since 2007 the conferences organized by Casaleggio Associati on e-commerce and online strategy are an important networking opportunity and update for enterprises and receive wide coverage in the media.
  • The last edition of “E-commerce in Italy“, which was held in April 2016, by the numbers:
    424 companies actively contributed to the research
    250 delegates (CEOs, entrepreneurs, e-commerce managers, marketing managers)
    6 guest speakers including Alibaba, Zalando, JustEat and other
    11 sponsoring partners

The research “E-commerce in Italy” by Casaleggio Associati, now at its eleventh edition, is the study of the Italian e-commerce market in terms of numbers, trends and strategies adopted by major market players.

The conference “The Digital Future of Business between Companies” is Casaleggio Associati’s initiative  dedicated to B2B market, and it is the only one of its kind in Italy.

Both conferences offer to the sponsors an opportunity of visibility, promotion and networking in a highly qualified context where the participation is reserved for companies.

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  • Visibility

    • Logo on the report and on event marketing kit
    • Joint Press Release
    • Stand Gold / Silver at the conference
    • Dedicated area on the website
    • Interview on the Youtube channel

  • Speech

    • Speech reserved for a company speaker
    • Networking spaces and contact

  • Workshop

    • Opportunity to reserve an afternoon workshop