Casaleggio Associati was born January 22, 2004 in Milan with the aim to analyze the phenomenon of the web applied to organizations and to develop a culture of Internet in Italy through field studies, articles, publications, newsletters and seminars, aimed at providing support and guidance to organizations that approach the digital world.

Casaleggio Associati offers strategic consulting services for online positioning for its clients, with the aim of steering business choices in the digital environment and defining measurable objectives in terms of economic return.

“A company that does not have an online strategy is foregoing a future.”

Since the beginning of its activity, the company’s main objective was to anticipate the trends in the digital scenario and grasp opportunities and changes in the organizational, cultural and political arenas.

In this context, the reports written by Casaleggio Associati that focus on the issues of digital innovation and evolution of the e-commerce sector in Italy, offer timely information on the development of the network in different sectors of the market in Italy and the world and allow companies to assess the context in which they operate, based on success stories and the knowledge of the real paths of implementation.

In parallel, the production of the publishing unit of Casaleggio Associati contributes to spread the Internet Culture through digital publications on issues, reports and thematic focuses, seminars, articles and videos including : the video “Prometeus – The Media Revolution”, translated into different languages and quoted by the sociologist Derrick De Kerckhove in the book “The heightened mind” and Techcrunch, and the movie “Gaia – The future of politics”, an experimental video on the assumptions of the future political landscape, where the Internet plays a vital role.

Attention to the evolutionary scenarios of the Internet and to changes in the economic, social and cultural arenas, extends the strategic consulting to the organizational and business, social and political sphere.

Since 2005 Casaleggio Associati manages the blog of Beppe Grillo, participating in the dynamics of aggregation and development trough the Internet, which led to the founding and success of the 5 Star MoVement.

Currently the company is pursuing strategic consulting, research and experimentation in all areas of application of the Internet and new digital technologies.


  • Consultancy

    Strategic consulting for the online positioning of companies and organizations.

  • Research

    Focus on innovation and research and digital commerce.

  • Speech

    Speeches and seminars at conferences and thematic events nationally and internationally.



Founding Associate


Founding Associate