The definition of an online strategy is a matter of ROI (return on investment) in terms of increased sales, improved brand or improving customer loyalty. It’s also a matter of detailed knowledge of the best innovations that the Internet provides”.

Casaleggio Associati uses its array of online strategies to identify those best positioned to achieve the goals that the customer is proposed, after analyzing the business processes and the specific competitive environment of the customer.

  • Sharing the objectives and risks

  • Casaleggio Associati believes in close collaboration with its customers according to a partnership approach.
    Following the client’s goals you can agree on a risk-sharing scheme to achieve them.
    Depending on the type of project the value of the offer can vary, so depending on the results that will be achieved by integrating success fee models (compensation linked to the achievement of certain results) or revenue sharing (compensation linked to sales quota).

Business areas

    • Setting up an online strategy to define directions, priorities, a project plan and evaluation of return on investment.

    • Defining strategies to enter new markets, integration of sales channels, international projects, online customer acquisition strategies and optimization of the conversion rate.

    • Developing plans of digital marketing to build brand objectives, customer experience, online conversion and product innovation.

    • Analysis of social channels and selection of social media mix, defining the publishing strategy and content, design and launch of Social Media marketing campaigns.