“We guide our customers to the choice of the most suitable e-commerce strategy in regards to its sector and market trends”

The E-commerce represents for some a complementary and additional sales channel, for others – as for manufacturers – a revolutionary change of customer relationship strategy.

Moreover, the greater availability of Internet access and the strong uptake of mobile devices has allowed us to consolidate the on-line purchasing habits, and have increased online spending share of total consumption and broadened the base of users engaged in online purchases.

Access to all internet devices – Report E-commerce in italy 2014

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Define a strategy e-commerce is not just about creating an online sales platform, but it means changing its business strategy in terms of a new sales methods and relationship with customers and integrate it within the structure, harmonizing it with other sales channels in place, with the supply chain and with the market strategy.

Casaleggio Associati offers its expertise on Internet and knowledge of national and international market trends for defining entry strategies into new markets, the management of the conflict between direct sales channels and B2B sales, internationalization projects, strategies to capture online customers and increase conversion rates, development and online publication of responsive web and mobile platforms.

  • Internationalization

    • Strategy of presence and sales in the foreign market

  • Integration

    • Integration and management of the conflict between channels

  • Mobile strategy

    • Design and integration platforms social & mobile

what can Casaleggio Associati do for your company

Casaleggio Associati designs and develops web and mobile responsive e-commerce platforms, updated according to the latest technology and seaworthiness and user experience, structured according to the online placement requirements.


    Defining entry strategies into new Italian and international markets, management of the conflict between direct sales channels and B2B sales, online customer acquisition strategies and plans for the increase in the conversion rate.


    Analysis, design, implementation and management of web and mobile responsive e-commerce latest generation projects and structured according to the requirements of the maximum economic return.


    Optimization of the structure, the conversion rate and content, the organic ranking on the major search engines and seaworthiness, and the user experience.

The observatory of Casaleggio Associati on the world of e-commerce, through annual surveys and industry analysis allows to anticipate changes and trends and provides an updated and advanced support.