Digital Marketing

The marketing of the digital age places the consumer at the center of the business strategy, based on the fundamental concepts of personalization, multi-channel, relationship and listening and directs consumers’ expectations towards customized sales routes, direct interaction with dynamic brands and experiences of product to be shared online with other users.
A good digital marketing plan allows to achieve business goals in the following areas:

  • Brand Reputation

    • Monitoring online reputation and brand awareness development on the web

  • Campaign launch

    • Presentation and launch of new products or services on all online channels

  • On line Advertising

    • Online promotional campaigns and positioning on search engines.

Casaleggio Associati guides its customers in the construction of the digital marketing plan through three main phases:

Listening & Analysis0%
  • Examination of the on-line placement through search results on major engines, evaluation of brand reputation and listening to online conversations, analysis of the competitive scenario and the target audience.
  • Goal setting (for example: brand optimization reputation, brand awareness, positioning, new product launches, increased traffic and conversion rates) and the design of digital marketing strategy.
  • Budgeting and marketing tools to be activated, design and launch of digital marketing campaigns.
A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying hard to do things well.

Jeff Bezos

The value of a brand often does not coincide with the message conveyed by marketing, but with the perception the customer has of it. Both in the case of established brands of new brands or products to be launched, it is essential to identify the right communications mix to win customers and gain competitive advantage.

  • Targeting
    • Target and consumer trends analysis
    • Web reputation analysis
    • Study of the online brand positioning
    • Personalization strategy and brand identification with the target values

  • Content Strategy
    • Online communication plan
    • Design and realization web platforms
    • Creation of textual and multimedia content
    • Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing

  • Engagement
    • Social Influence & Advocacy
    • Social engagement campaigns
    • Sharing the brand experience and social reviews
    • Monitoring and analytics of links and citations

Digital Marketing:
What can Casaleggio Associati do for you company

Casaleggio Associati implements online branding strategy and follows all the stages of development of brand awareness: the analysis of the target and of the cultural context and consumption, the elaboration of the communication plan, the launch of online campaigns and social engagement.


    Development of custom digital marketing plan based on the analysis of the competitive environment and customer market, the target audience and the strategic objectives and budget.


    Definition and implementation of online marketing strategy and selection of communication tools and advertising to support the launch of new online products and services.


    Collection and analysis of on-line image and web reputation data of companies, brands and individual products through online analytics software and elaboration of the strategy of positioning on search engines and social media.


    Identification of targets and visibility online conversion and selection of web tools and social advertising in support of promotional and communication strategy.


    Concept design of the dynamics of development and construction of platforms and applications in order to launch and manage competitions and prize operations on the web and social media.

Through proper positioning strategy of search engines and social media, we aim to optimize brand awareness at the consumer target of our customers.