Conversion Rate Optimization

“The conversion rate optimization analysis converts simple visitors into customers, increasing the company’s revenues.”

The home page average loading time of the top 100 e-commerce websites in Italy is 12.7 seconds

Source: Casaleggio Associati

Brickhouse Security has added images in the dropdown menu of the search increasing the conversion rate by +100%


The 66% of the top 100 Italian e-commerce companies affirms that simplifying the purchase process is the most important factor to increase conversions

Source: Casaleggio Associati

Forms with 4 fields to be filled have a conversion rate of +160% compared to those with 11


Adding the videos inside jewels' sites increases the conversion rate by 247%

Source: Analysis by Treeopedia

The customers that have already bought, spend 3 times more than the others and have 60-70% more chances to convert


Which are the factors that lead to increase conversions and how do they affect the entire purchase process? Is the purchase process simple and straightforward? How to increase the value of the visits?

Learn how to increase conversions and sales on your website with the help of our tools, methods and skills.

  • Analytics analysis

    Website analysis Identify critical points in the funnel

  • Technology check

    Platforms and browser compatibility Desktop and mobile website versions analysis Website speed test

  • Message coherence and clarity

    Analysis of the messages given to the client Check the proper use of the language Clarity of the message

  • Customer Journey Analysis

    Test of the final user's journey Evaluation of the urgency techniques and persuasion to purchase Purchase process analysis

  • Indications on improvements

    List of changes to be done to improve conversion Examples of international best practices

Casaleggio Associati defines the best strategy to optimize the rate of conversions. Through a website analysis and a technology check, the critical points in the funnel will be identified. Then we verify the coherence of the messages that the customer receives. By directly monitoring the customer journey we test the strength of conversion key factors. At the end of the process we provide indications on improvements to do and examples of best practices used to increase the conversion rate.

Increase your website’s conversion rate through conversion rate optimization analysis by Casaleggio Associati

The complete analysis costs 4,500€ You will receive it in 30 days

Our infographic on the best practices and data on conversion rate optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis provides all the advices you need to increase the company’s revenues. The analysis includes indications on improvements to do to optimize opportunities of the Web

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