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The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 e-commerce sites most popular in Italy.

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The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 e-commerce sites most popular in Italy.
The ranking is based on data estimates available on the Net, it has no statistical value but it is indicative of the balance of power between the various players.
In addition to the estimation of visits to the site, citations of the brand on other sites, comparators, blogs and forums are taken into consideration.
Regarding social media marketing activities, it shows the number of registered fans on Facebook and the number of followers on Twitter, referring only Italian accounts.
In this release the number of fans and followers do not enter into the determination of the ranking.
The companies in the ranking are selected based on revenue estimates for the previous year and traffic on the site.
You can send your company name for inclusion in the list or send an email for more information.

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Pos. Company SectorTotalHits
Conversion Rate IndexOnline popularity Facebook fans Twitter followers Instagram followers
1EsselungaFood & Beverage15782.033.022362.070.00025
2CoopFood & Beverage7451.341.7132428.141
3BaskoFood & Beverage571372.4740980.000
4Vino75Food & Beverage490591.5525621.196
5WineShopFood & Beverage36126.2000705.00016.321154
6Giordano ViniFood & Beverage344195.486067.00049.5461.461
7Olio CarliFood & Beverage2804.300036.40078.093337
8Negoziodelvino srlFood & Beverage278181.45053576
9ProntospesaFood & Beverage20655.966014.400
10Tramezzino.itFood & Beverage1915.81805.20010.471329
11PeckFood & Beverage1839.71109
12EnopolisFood & Beverage178136046
13ParmaItaly ShopFood & Beverage1780411
14EsperyaFood & Beverage17803.530574
15IperwebFood & Beverage17802.380
16De Peron L&D S.A.S.Food & Beverage10028683

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