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The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 online stores in Italy.

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The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 e-commerce sites most popular in Italy.
The ranking is based on data estimates available on the Net, it has no statistical value but it is indicative of the balance of power between the various players.
In addition to the estimation of unique visits, time spent on the website, bounce rate and brand relevance are taken into consideration.
We update company data twice a year, considering major changes (naming, url, aggregations, etc.).
The companies in the ranking are selected based on revenue estimates for the previous year and traffic on the site.
You can send your company name for inclusion in the list or send an email for more information.

Sector: Publishing
CompanySectorRelevanceVisitorsAverage timeBounce rate Publishing1.0005.433.53108:0557,0%
2Feltrinelli Publishing4211.987.18807:0555,0%
3Mondadori Store Publishing3651.696.18006:4064,0%
4Libreria Universitaria Publishing237917.83406:3261,0%
5Unilibro Publishing161528.74205:0566,0%
6Hoepli Publishing145381.80006:4468,0%
7Panini Shop Publishing135229.91007:2837,0% Publishing122297.71310:3059,0%
9Moleskine Publishing11845.19521:0740,0%
10Tutto Visure Publishing102169.00306:3071,0%
11Libreria Rizzoli Publishing8622.70302:3867,0%
12PrintingWeb Publishing861.02702:2243,0%
13Yamato Publishing8213.03002:5637,0% Publishing7915.85203:2148,0% Publishing694.67001:4366,0%

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