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The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 online stores in Italy, updated to Maggio 2022

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The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 e-commerce sites most popular in Italy.
The ranking is based on data estimates available on the Net, it has no statistical value but it is indicative of the balance of power between the various players.
In addition to the estimation of unique visits, time spent on the website, bounce rate and brand relevance are taken into consideration.
We update company data twice a year, considering major changes (naming, url, aggregations, etc.).
The companies in the ranking are selected based on revenue estimates for the previous year and traffic on the site.
You can send your company name for inclusion in the list or send an email for more information.

CompanySectorRelevanceVisitorsAverage timeBounce rate
1Mediaworld Electronics1.0004.729.29508:2150,0%
2UniEuro Electronics6953.120.85207:4760,0%
3ePrice Electronics5782.522.20106:4757,0%
4Euronics Electronics4011.565.87409:0751,0%
5Xiaomi Electronics3331.278.26506:5755,0%
6Microsoft Electronics2841.006.66703:3642,0%
7Huawei Electronics262895.88907:4360,0%
8LG Electronics245726.82809:4961,0%
9Sony Electronics230652.49409:2362,0%
10Monclick Electronics202527.39607:2552,0%
11Comet Electronics191497.87704:0342,0%
12Philips Electronics191435.77002:5440,0%
13Dyson Electronics184422.00106:3055,0%
14Backmarket Electronics145269.98912:5774,0%
15Electrolux Electronics149232.58807:1463,0%
16Gruppo Adam srl Electronics117165.55308:1969,0%
17Miele Italia Electronics128137.58405:3835,0%
18Samsung Shop Electronics138131.66709:3141,0%
19Crucial Electronics99120.28305:1476,0%
20Dell Electronics128107.56713:4631,0%
21Ollo Store SNC Electronics117104.33905:5851,0%
22De Longhi Electronics124102.97208:1937,0%
23Klarstein Electronics11073.11104:2748,0%
24Hotpoint Electronics12464.16113:2348,0%
25Aeg Electronics12164.02904:0746,0%
26byTecno Electronics8246.99504:3453,0%
27FreeShop Electronics6735.72402:4588,0%
28Overly Electronics11031.56807:5337,0%
29Setik srl Electronics8226.72700:3845,0%
30Electronic-star Electronics9225.38911:2985,0%
31Supermedia Electronics10322.89505:1876,0%
32iRobot Store Electronics10619.48304:3647,0% Electronics5718.15800:2690,0%
34Spice electronics Electronics9917.48627:0043,0%
35WireShop Electronics7414.66300:0895,0%
36Omnitek Store - M.s.Media srl Electronics7812.46201:1777,0%
37Rebusiness Srls Electronics8212.17600:4972,0%
38reflexmania Electronics8511.65220:1868,0%
39Safarà  Cucito Electronics855.40315:1756,0%
40Elettrodomex Electronics852.41202:0860,0%
41Dagimarket Electronics431.81000:0092,0%
42Liv'in Electronics6083700:00100,0%
43shopty Electronics6780005:2950,0%
44Labelshop Electronics10370109:140,0%
45Color Target Electronics5341600:00100,0%
46CHL Electronics5732300:00100,0%
47Sematech Electronics7818102:0466,0%

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