E-commerce Ranking in Italy


The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 online stores in Italy, updated to Giugno 2022

The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 e-commerce sites most popular in Italy, updated monthly.

Company / SectorSectorRelevanceVisitorsAverage timeBounce rate
1 Eurofides Marketplace Marketplace1232.97523:3950,0%
2 Bennet Marketplace Marketplace20340.56817:3630,0%
3 Tigros Marketplace Marketplace16221.18614:4866,0%
4 Iperal Spesa Online Marketplace Marketplace1156.38314:2663,0%
5 Onlinestore Marketplace Marketplace14234.23812:5559,0%
6 Marketplace Marketplace32815.062.47312:1239,0%
7 eBay Marketplace Marketplace34015.596.77012:0045,0%
8 Aosom Marketplace Marketplace15177.04511:5069,0%
9 Amazon Marketplace Marketplace1.00047.101.26911:4645,0%
10 QVC Italia Marketplace Marketplace19319.18211:2641,0%
11 AliExpress Marketplace Marketplace652.552.12411:1746,0%
12 Vertecchi srl Marketplace Marketplace107.82310:5445,0%
13 ManoMano Marketplace Marketplace964.072.77710:4575,0%
14 D-Mail Marketplace Marketplace14148.00010:4444,0%
15 Privalia Marketplace Marketplace20392.04410:3762,0%
16 Marketplace Marketplace1135510:310,0%
17 Prezzo Forte Marketplace Marketplace23596.23809:2562,0%
18 Wish Marketplace Marketplace25653.55909:2068,0%
19 Conad Marketplace Marketplace1127.63308:2561,0%
20 Eurospin Marketplace Marketplace15165.36708:1651,0%
21 BricoBravo Marketplace Marketplace14164.31507:2464,0%
22 Cosicomodo Marketplace Marketplace15221.38707:2248,0%
23 Giordano Shop Marketplace Marketplace15249.23506:5670,0%
24 Ventis Marketplace Marketplace1489.98906:5157,0%
25 Maury's Marketplace Marketplace12103.94406:3945,0%
26 Gift Campaign Marketplace Marketplace1398.07506:3832,0%
27 Groupon Marketplace Marketplace441.505.75106:2649,0%
28 Alibaba Marketplace Marketplace28760.18706:2366,0%
29 Coop Online Marketplace Marketplace19312.68306:0151,0%
30 Etsy Marketplace Marketplace26605.26205:4123,0%
31 Marketplace Marketplace16199.39205:3128,0%
32 Rinascente Marketplace Marketplace17326.15205:0974,0%
33 Marketplace Marketplace102.70804:3316,0%
34 Everli Marketplace Marketplace18271.16803:5738,0%
35 CRAI spesa online Marketplace Marketplace1374.90403:5648,0%
36 TAG srls Marketplace Marketplace112.19003:2310,0%
37 Japal Marketplace Marketplace1215.27703:0038,0%
38 Eurocali Marketplace Marketplace11119.17102:4869,0%
39 Marketplace Marketplace1152.47702:2644,0%
40 Canevari Sicurezza Marketplace Marketplace1053.60301:5776,0%
41 Mediashopping Marketplace Marketplace1120.17301:5388,0%
42 Carrefour Marketplace Marketplace1528.58701:5211,0%
43 Buffetti Marketplace Marketplace1449.46301:3122,0%
44 Postalmarket Marketplace Marketplace1118.18200:5450,0%
45 Elettronic Market Marketplace Marketplace993700:5150,0%
46 tippest Marketplace Marketplace82.90400:4450,0%
47 Blomming Marketplace Marketplace714.05500:3196,0%
48 Casalinghi Discount Marketplace Marketplace1298400:210,0%
49 Robe da Cartoon Marketplace Marketplace92.33100:030,0%
50 Pixmania Marketplace Marketplace820400:00100,0%
51 Compribene srl unipersonale Marketplace Marketplace617400:00100,0%
52 Rapan srl Marketplace Marketplace834200:00100,0%
53 Altragamma Srl Marketplace Marketplace87.26600:00100,0%
54 Shopello Marketplace Marketplace85800:00100,0%
55 Centro Sconto Store Marketplace Marketplace85.80900:00100,0%
56 Solvy Store Marketplace Marketplace91000:00100,0%

The ranking is based on data estimates available on the Net, it has no statistical value but it is indicative of the balance of power between the various players.
In addition to the estimation of unique visits, time spent on the website, bounce rate and brand relevance are taken into consideration.
We update company data twice a year, considering major changes (naming, url, aggregations, etc.).
The companies in the ranking are selected based on revenue estimates for the previous year and traffic on the site.
You can send your company name for inclusion in the list or send an email for more information.

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