E-commerce Ranking in Italy


The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 online stores in Italy, updated to Giugno 2022

The E-commerce ranking is the ranking of the top 100 e-commerce sites most popular in Italy, updated monthly.

Company / SectorSectorRelevanceVisitorsAverage timeBounce rate
1 Bet365 Free Time Free Time361.019.39950:4933,0%
2 Smartbox Turism Turism24501.02525:4747,0%
3 Vinted Fashion Fashion401.238.64123:3135,0%
4 Eurobet Free Time Free Time29762.37921:3244,0%
5 Shein Fashion Fashion501.723.29819:2733,0%
6 Free Time Free Time28876.26816:5357,0%
7 Snai Free Time Free Time381.184.74115:5836,0%
8 Lottomatica Free Time Free Time33944.93815:0440,0%
9 Bonprix Fashion Fashion32897.01814:3444,0%
10 Catawiki Free Time Free Time23535.34413:1246,0%
11 Lego Free Time Free Time29836.29113:1070,0%
12 Tannico Food and Drink Food and Drink23549.76112:4452,0%
13 Turism Turism24568.29812:3170,0%
14 Marketplace Marketplace32815.062.47312:1239,0%
15 eBay Marketplace Marketplace34015.596.77012:0045,0%
16 Turism Turism29413.373.40412:0037,0%
17 Amazon Marketplace Marketplace1.00047.101.26911:4645,0%
18 Sisal Free Time Free Time501.759.98911:4534,0%
19 JustEat Food and Drink Food and Drink481.689.78311:4052,0%
20 Turism Turism31834.12611:3133,0%
21 Monclick Electronics Electronics23545.66111:2965,0%
22 Arcaplanet Free Time Free Time26712.91711:2967,0%
23 About You Fashion Fashion25659.28811:2677,0%
24 Zalando Fashion Fashion1074.439.63111:1942,0%
25 AliExpress Marketplace Marketplace652.552.12411:1746,0%
26 Health and Beauty Health and Beauty23629.43111:0172,0%
27 Prima Insurance Insurance25689.37010:5552,0%
28 Deliveroo Food and Drink Food and Drink27670.26710:5542,0%
29 ManoMano Marketplace Marketplace964.072.77710:4575,0%
30 Farmae Health and Beauty Health and Beauty26718.38310:3948,0%
31 Adidas Fashion Fashion341.055.08410:3866,0%
32 Maisons du Monde House House26715.45810:3465,0%
33 Airbnb Turism Turism793.150.64010:3258,0%
34 Mondo Convenienza House House391.329.80310:1457,0%
35 Libraccio Publishing Publishing341.061.73609:5660,0%
36 Yoox Fashion Fashion28723.83009:5350,0%
37 Trivago Turism Turism331.051.08209:5062,0%
38 ePrice Electronics Electronics672.638.69509:3556,0%
39 Fashion Fashion24691.38309:2985,0%
40 Zara Fashion Fashion411.377.71409:2650,0%
41 AgriEuro Srl Free Time Free Time25692.50209:2168,0%
42 Wish Marketplace Marketplace25653.55909:2068,0%
43 Zooplus Free Time Free Time25699.78309:1856,0%
44 Nintendo Electronics Electronics29840.99709:1060,0%
45 Nespresso Food and Drink Food and Drink25651.76409:0766,0%
46 Fashion Fashion26737.07009:0453,0%
47 MyProtein Food and Drink Food and Drink23561.83209:0349,0%
48 Douglas Health and Beauty Health and Beauty26663.51309:0254,0%
49 Ikea House House1084.586.31709:0141,0%
50 Obi House House31947.89308:5550,0%
51 Easyjet Turism Turism411.327.34408:5231,0%
52 Huawei Electronics Electronics29888.68008:4860,0%
53 Pandora Fashion Fashion27723.69408:4644,0%
54 Intimissimi Fashion Fashion25571.03308:4339,0%
55 HP Electronics Electronics411.398.40308:3560,0%
56 Trenitalia Turism Turism1516.674.55108:3172,0%
57 LG Electronics Electronics30860.21208:2953,0%
58 Leroy Merlin Free Time Free Time1345.804.57208:2048,0%
59 Notino Health and Beauty Health and Beauty30891.80408:1943,0%
60 MSC Crociere Turism Turism25553.59408:1940,0%
61 Mediaworld Electronics Electronics1245.295.32508:1650,0%
62 H&M Fashion Fashion391.225.69208:1539,0%
63 Stroili Oro Fashion Fashion23532.16808:1050,0%
64 Publishing Publishing943.937.07608:0466,0%
65 OVS Fashion Fashion31854.89308:0036,0%
66 Expedia Turism Turism461.573.35907:5846,0%
67 Euronics Electronics Electronics491.777.24907:5651,0%
68 TicketOne Free Time Free Time1235.313.21607:5153,0%
69 Game Stop Free Time Free Time401.316.05107:4941,0%
70 Decathlon Free Time Free Time1054.427.10407:3145,0%
71 Sony Electronics Electronics27711.38407:3164,0%
72 The Space Cinema Free Time Free Time371.270.61307:3048,0%
73 Auto-doc Cars Cars461.734.45007:2346,0%
74 Efarma Health and Beauty Health and Beauty522.000.62207:1672,0%
75 UniEuro Electronics Electronics863.501.51307:1460,0%
76 Samsung Electronics Electronics923.827.58407:0355,0%
77 eDreams Turism Turism612.326.88006:5642,0%
78 Flixbus Turism Turism361.153.09606:5037,0%
79 Sephora Health and Beauty Health and Beauty27713.29006:4545,0%
80 Allianz Direct Insurance Insurance23465.51706:4333,0%
81 Xiaomi Electronics Electronics371.277.94606:4059,0%
82 Feltrinelli Publishing Publishing451.625.06606:3958,0%
83 Cisalfa Sport Free Time Free Time29861.34206:3040,0%
84 Groupon Marketplace Marketplace441.505.75106:2649,0%
85 Alibaba Marketplace Marketplace28760.18706:2366,0%
86 Costa Crociere Turism Turism31886.59606:2050,0%
87 Ticketmaster Free Time Free Time24648.66106:1656,0%
88 Farmasave Health and Beauty Health and Beauty23638.55606:1371,0%
89 Volagratis Turism Turism401.358.39406:0632,0%
90 Nike Fashion Fashion24543.00105:5835,0%
91 Mondadori Store Publishing Publishing461.691.82005:5659,0%
92 Trony Electronics Electronics26694.12705:4243,0%
93 Etsy Marketplace Marketplace26605.26205:4123,0%
94 Viva Ticket Free Time Free Time501.784.42605:4024,0%
95 The Trainline Turism Turism712.796.50405:1844,0%
96 Ryanair Turism Turism883.579.82603:5334,0%
97 Tigotà Health and Beauty Health and Beauty23580.12603:4952,0%
98 Philips Electronics Electronics24570.67803:2339,0%
99 Microsoft Electronics Electronics30920.65602:5941,0%
100 Apple Store Electronics Electronics361.163.93202:2242,0%

The ranking is based on data estimates available on the Net, it has no statistical value but it is indicative of the balance of power between the various players.
In addition to the estimation of unique visits, time spent on the website, bounce rate and brand relevance are taken into consideration.
We update company data twice a year, considering major changes (naming, url, aggregations, etc.).
The companies in the ranking are selected based on revenue estimates for the previous year and traffic on the site.
You can send your company name for inclusion in the list or send an email for more information.

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