Artificial Intelligence Business Evolution

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Published on: November 2017

One of the most talked about topics amongst Artificial Intelligence experts is the hard time that this technology, or whatever was in its place at the time, had to go through during the 50s. Long periods, after the initial hype, when it was thought to be useless, from the initial launch in the 50s to machine learning in the 80s and to deep learning in 2010.
Today things seem to have changed thanks to new enabling technologies that are establishing themselves, such as the internet of things and blockchains, and thanks to an ever growing computational capacity.

The great quantity of data that is available in digital format, the ability of sensors and reality interpretation systems, the possibility to create contracts that automatically execute themselves (known as smart contracts) and the presence of new cognitive algorithms due to the newly available processing capacity, have created a context in which Artificial Intelligence can flourish. This can be speculated especially because Artificial Intelligence has been used to solve complex problems, but also to express creativity, create patents, write music and articles. The existence of so many new disruptive technologies brings many to speculate about a new technological revolution, similar to the one initiated by Internet, only much more important as it will also include the digitalised physical world.

Most of this technology is already available through cloud services offered by American companies. It is however necessary to create this knowledge at a European and Italian level, in order for companies and countries not to loose their strategic value, which will be the base for the competitive advantage of the majority of the industry in the next few years. It is estimated that in Italy it would have an impact of the 0.8% of the gross value added of our companies, almost doubling it.

The goal for which Artificial Intelligence will be used, however, is not to be considered as the mere improvement of the production efficiency, but an opening towards new ways to generate value. Many companies have already tried it out, but whoever will manage to reinforce it will conquer its own market.

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