E-commerce in Italy 2021

The 15th edition of the “E-commerce in Italy” conference will be held online on May 7, 2021.

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E-commerce in Italy 2021
May 7, 2021 - Free Event

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The event will be held on: 7 May 2021 - h 15:00

E-commerce is gaining ground: the major moves

2020 has created a rising demand from millions of people that had never before tried online trading and has, above all, brought about a shift in investment by many businesses that now see online sales as a way to navigate their way through the current crisis.
For this reason, 2021 will be the year of major moves in the e-commerce market, with operations aimed at consolidation and an internal shift within businesses whereby online trading will no longer be relegated to being an area of research and development but will instead become an essential part of the businesses.

The topics of the report and event will be:

Tematiche - E-commerce in Italy 2021

digital strategies

Tematiche - E-commerce in Italy 2021

new business models

Tematiche - E-commerce in Italy 2021

marketing and advertising strategies and tools

Tematiche - E-commerce in Italy 2021

digital relationship with end customer

Tematiche - E-commerce in Italy 2021

evolution of payment systems

Tematiche - E-commerce in Italy 2021

service innovations in the field of logistics and shipping


  • Davide Casaleggio
    CEO & Partner CA
  • Andrea Degl'Innocenti
    Country Manager Italy
  • Marco Orseoli
    Country Manager Italy Storeden
  • Francesco Passone
    Country Manager Italy Klarna
  • Alberto Rivolta
    CEO Retail & COO, Gruppo Feltrinelli
  • Luigi Strino
    CEO & Co-Founder PonyU
  • Ilaria Zanelotti
    Direttore Seller Services Amazon Italia

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