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We develop communication strategies that accelerate and enhance the growth of interest groups for the company.

Today it’s important to build a community that can broadcast your project quickly, engages with your clients and transforms them into ambassadors for your history.

Consistency and values are the necessary ingredients to build a solid reputation on which every community rests.
Users are interested in your goal only if its purpose is to the benefit of the community.
It is wrong to take advantage of or betray your own community, but the company needs to be ready to take the risk by paying a price and giving something up.
In the digital era, communities of every size, using different online platforms, are facing new possibilities and new threats. Companies that are not able to adapt and confront themselves with these new models will loose value and clients to the benefit of competitors.
Having a Community Accelerator plan will allow companies to have an analysis and development strategy, in order to plan and implement a smart vision of their own progress and future.

We can give you the answers to these questions

  • How can I quickly grow my community?
  • How can I make my community interact and make it more active?
  • What channels and tools can I use to manage my community?
  • How can I retain my users?
  • Do I have the right relationship with my community?


Mapping the different relations and touchpoints that the company has at its disposal, or is not aware of having; giving them a structure; enhancing them through client retention offers; identifying them in relation to the advantages that each user group will benefit from. These steps need to be added to the creation of messages, events and activities in order to aggregate (and not disperse) every company’s main asset: relations.

We guide your development strategy to:

Community Accelerator - Benefit

Improve the strength of your activities

Community Accelerator - Benefit

Support communication activities

Community Accelerator - Benefit

Define the resources needed to carry out an action plan

We design field specific solutions
  • Training
  • Community Acceleration strategic plans
  • Development plans

Other services

Development for the companies

Our experts can train a company’s managers and employees in order to increase the knowledge of the organisation on Community Acceleration related topics.

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Thanks to our many technological partners, we have the best solution for more structured organisations and small companies and startups alike.

Our solutions are able to integrate with the legacy systems already in use in your company, reaching a complete synergy between technologies and avoiding other development and migration costs deriving from the implementation of non-customized solutions.

Our method

Our methodological approach involves:

  • Internal assessment
    Client’s internal assessment, aimed at acquiring information on the company and processes
  • Context analysis
    Market benchmark through the comparative analysis of the competitive context
  • Strategic plan
    Creation of a strategy and development plan, followed by the validation of the proposed models

We are passionate about the future

Find out how we can help you design the digital future of your company

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