Corporate training

We create development plans for the company’s managers and employees, in line with the new digital skills and automation technologies.

Why it’s relevant

Training is a fundamental asset for a company: because of and as a consequence of technological development, it is necessary to train and re-train those employees who are faced with a change of their role, and have to acquire new skills to continue to do their job.

Corporate training is one of the drivers that will help develop the company’s business model and will lead it to become a Smart company. Continuous development, for example, helps training highly qualified individuals that are able to work in the productive world that is taking shape in our society.

According to a CA | Rapporto Smart Company

Source: Innovation as a growth lever - the point of view of young entrepreneurs, Statista


Training affects a company in many ways

Corporate training - Benefit

Gain of new skills within the company

Corporate training - Benefit

Transformation and qualification of internal resources

Corporate training - Benefit

Employee’s personal satisfaction and growth

Corporate training - Benefit

Social responsibility

We design field specific solutions
  • Executive training
  • Employees training
  • Tailor-made training plans

Other services

Education Report

Customised monthly report for the client which describes best practice, relevant information for the client’s reference market and recommendations regarding continuous company development.

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Blockchain for Executives short course

Courses to understand the technology by exploring the implications, opportunities and business spaces due to the introduction of the Blockchain in your company.

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Thanks to our many technological partners, we have the best solution for more structured organisations and small companies and startups alike.

Our solutions are able to integrate with the legacy systems already in use in your company, reaching a complete synergy between technologies and avoiding other development and migration costs deriving from the implementation of non-customized solutions.

Our method

Our methodological approach involves:

  • Internal assessment
    Client’s internal assessment, aimed at acquiring information on the company, the market and processes.
  • Context analysis
    Market benchmark through the comparative analysis of the competitive context.
  • Training plan
    Establishment of activities, costs and timings for the company’s training plan.

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