Roadmap to Smart Company

We help companies reach new objectives, speeding up their technological innovation and renewing their business model to become a Smart Company.

Why it’s relevant

Smart company is the evolution of the traditional company during the fourth industrial revolution. Smart Companies are companies that use exponential technologies to rethink their own business model.

The impact of exponential technologies changes the competitive paradigm, transforming the way goods and services are produced and offered. Innovation is an ongoing process and should become an integral part of every company.

Exponential technologies are transforming companies all over the world and changing the way goods are produced and services are supplied, marking the evolution of the classical business models.
Small to medium size enterprises can become Smart Companies too.

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We can give you the answers to these questions

  • What’s missing in my company to become a Smart Company?
  • How can I modernise my company’s business model using exponential technologies?
  • How can I improve my ability to use digital innovations?
Roadmap to Smart Company


We guide the company during its transformation and we offer support during the transition from traditional to Smart Company in order to:

Roadmap to Smart Company - Benefit

Acquire new clients

Roadmap to Smart Company - Benefit

Differentiate from other competitors

Roadmap to Smart Company - Benefit

Open to new markets and businesses

Roadmap to Smart Company - Benefit

Boost customer loyalty

Roadmap to Smart Company - Benefit

Boost the company’s agility and flexibility

Roadmap to Smart Company - Benefit

Reduce costs

We design field specific solutions
  • Development plans for business models
  • Management of digital transformation projects
  • Management plans for innovation funding

Other services

Smart Company Executive Report

Customised monthly report for the client’s top management which describes the business models transformation trends, best practice, relevant information for the client’s reference market and recommendations.

Speech for the companies

Our experts are trained to deliver high level introductory speeches during business events on the topic of business models transformation, aimed at developing a practical understanding of how exponential technologies can shape organisations.

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Thanks to our many technological partners, we have the best solution for more structured organisations and small companies and startups alike.

Our solutions are able to integrate with the legacy systems already in use in your company, reaching a complete synergy between technologies and avoiding other development and migration costs deriving from the implementation of non-customized solutions.

Our method

Our methodological approach involves:

  • Internal assessment
    Client’s internal assessment, aimed at acquiring information on the company and processes
  • Context analysis
    Market benchmark through the comparative analysis of the competitive context
  • Strategic plan
    Creation of a strategy and evolution plan followed by the validation of the proposed models. During this stage companies will be able to understand on what terms exponential technologies can integrate with their company.

We are passionate about the future

Find out how we can help you design the digital future of your company

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