Vertical studies and researches

We realise researches, in-depth analysis and sector studies for companies and organisations.

Why it’s relevant

Sector studies are a tool to analyse a company’s basic parameters, a market and a product sector and to measure them in time and in a specific moment of reference.
Economic, demographic and accounting data allow to check the company’s and/or the market’s income capacity, comparing them with different markets and competitors to help develop efficient business and communication strategies.
We carry out studies that are tailor-made to the client and periodically publish researches on the topics of main interest for the reference market, such as the Italian E-commerce trend, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the evolution of business models.

Studi e ricerche verticali

Source: Content marketing types most trusted by target audiences according to marketing professionals worldwide, Statista, 2020


Market studies and research are fundamental to:

Vertical studies and researches - Benefit

Understand the trends of the reference market

Vertical studies and researches - Benefit

Study the dynamics of development

Vertical studies and researches - Benefit

Make a comparison with the competitors

Vertical studies and researches - Benefit

Define an action plan

We design field specific solutions
  • E-commerce market analysis
  • Blockchain market analysis
  • Smart Companies market trends
  • Tailor-made reports

Other services

Market Report

Customised report for the client that illustrates best practice and relevant information regarding the client’s reference market. The CA method combines the latest national statistics and international organisations, surveys and market researches carried out by reliable bodies, as well as relevant online blogs, press, social networks and forums with experience in the field.

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Thanks to our many technological partners, we have the best solution for more structured organisations and small companies and startups alike.

Our solutions are able to integrate with the legacy systems already in use in your company, reaching a complete synergy between technologies and avoiding other development and migration costs deriving from the implementation of non-customized solutions.

Our method

Our methodological approach involves:

  • Internal assessment
    Client’s internal assessment, aimed at acquiring information on the company, the market and processes. Sharing of the project’s roadmap. Establishment of the working team, organisations, tools and consultants that should take part in the study.
  • Context analysis
    Market benchmark through the comparative analysis of the competitive context. Definition of the study topics, reference target and competitors. Analysis of trend, best practice, positioning, communication channels and advertising campaigns.
  • Definition of the analysis document
    Creation of a research study based on the goals agreed with the client during the assessment phase.

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