Internet topics are often the subject of debates and conferences in the technology and digital environment, while the web is increasingly taking part in social relations and in the daily lives of people. The spread of mobile devices makes people always connected, while the so-called “Internet of Things” is the extension of the internet to the world of tangible objects, that acquire intelligence through the sharing of data and information.

The networks are everywhere around us. Until a few years ago, the relationship between people, objects and events were attributed to chance. The only way to assume the functioning of complex systems was to attribute the reasons to random events. The life and the evolution of networks instead follow precise laws and the knowledge of these rules allows us to use the networks to our advantage.
Tu sei Rete (You Are Net) - Davide Casaleggio

One of the main objectives of Casaleggio Associati is to spread the culture of the Internet and web dynamics applied to organizational and business contexts, through studies and research conducted periodically by the company that regularly observes the evolution of social interaction models, favoured by digital culture.

Casaleggio Associati talks about its knowledge on the Internet and the direct participation in the web phenomena, through speeches and seminars at conferences and thematic events, which Gianroberto and Davide Casaleggio keep constantly in national and international contexts.

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